• Hibachi Entrees (grill)
Combo Available
Includes soup, salad, rice and noodles
Combination of the below are available, please ask for details
48.PepperStarVegetable Hibachi
49.PepperStarSteak Hibachi
50.PepperStarChicken Hibachi
51.PepperStarScallops Hibachi
52.PepperStarKings Salmon Hibachi
53.PepperStarShrimp Hibachi
54.PepperStarFillet Mignon Hibachi
55.PepperStarLobster Tail Hibachi
Seasonal Price
55a.PepperStarChicken & Steak Hibachi
55b.PepperStarSteak & Shrimp Hibachi
55c.PepperStarChicken & Shrimp Hibachi
55d.PepperStarChicken & Scallop Hibachi
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